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Fully compatible with 8G

We now fully support Sword and Shield! Of course, we still support all the previous versions since Red and Blue.

All the Stats

Names, descriptions, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, stats, egg group, EVs yield, gender ratio, catch rate, base experience yield...


Know where to catch a Pokémon, how to make it evolve and what move to learn.

& much more

Abilities, moves, TM, natures, locations, move tutors, objects...

Quick descriptions

Quickly see the most useful information of the section you are in, like the side effect when you browse moves.

And full details

Have access to detailed information about what you are searching, like the location or compatibilities for TMs.

And so much more features to discover in the app!

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"I thank a lot the developers that do an amazing work because the app is very complet"

GeckoGeek 2.0

Google Play Store

"Very good looking app, great job, everything is here, Pokémons, TM and the rest" 

Alex Naj

Google Play Store

"Very good app for this 8th generation"


Google Play Store

We are working on...

And the road map contains a lot more features to develop...

We are adding all data for Sword and Shield versions. The biggest part is already available.

Sword and Shield data

The Team Builder is coming soon. Choose your Pokémons, their moves, natures, abilities, objets, EVs and IVs.

The Team Builder

Navigation will be even better with search fields for objects, moves and TM. 

Search field for moves and objects

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