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The best Pokédex for iOS

Used by more than 400,000 trainers
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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet included

Every games from Red and Blue to the latest Scarlet and Violet versions are included in ProDex and we will keep adding next versions!

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Capture, Train, Evolve

Know where to catch a Pokémon, how to make it evolve and what move to learn.

ProDex Pokedex for iOS - All stats.png

All the Stats

Names, descriptions, strengths, weaknesses, abilities, stats, egg group, EVs yield, gender ratio, catch rate, base experience yield...

Advanced Team Builder

Choose your Pokémon, moves, abilities, objects and much more!

ProDex Pokedex for iOS - Team builder.png
ProDex Pokedex for iOS - Home.png

& much more

Dedicated sections for type chart, abilities, moves, TM, natures, locations, move tutors, objects...

Tons of features to discover in the app

Type chart

Advanced type chart

Dark mode

Language selection

Sorting options

Filtering panels

Shiny sprites

Egg groups

Quick descriptions

And more!

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Join more than 200,000 trainers

"It has everything I need to see. I could not ask for a better app!!"


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"Hands down the best Pokédex app there is. Now that I’ve started using this I won’t be using anything else."


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"Love this app. It is by far the best Pokédex app on the store."


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