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Master SwiftUI

Access quick code snippets, detailed explanations and UI previews.

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Preview design, 
copy code

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Swifter previews the different component’s styles and modifiers to let you know quikcly what you could implement in your own app. The corresponding code is available and copiable to go from Swifter to your code in the blink of an eye.

Code quick access

Find what you need without even scrolling. The most common and useful code is summarized in the Quick Access section, on top of every sheet.

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Swifter - Sect03 - Image.png

Extensive details

Swifter - Color.png
Swifter -  Sect04 - Image.png

The Quick Access section on top of every sheet is just a beginning. Below that, you will find details, use case and examples about how to use components and its modifiers. Once again, UI previews and copiable code are available. Great to learn new things.

Available everywhere

Swifter is available on macOS, iOS and iPadOS. 
Download for Mac ↗︎
Download for iPad ↗︎
Download for iPhone ↗︎

Coming soon

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Swifter - Color.png
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Download the app

Download the app from the App Store and master SwiftUI. Discover new component and new modifiers with UI previews and copiable code.

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